Center for Lost Arts
Contact: Bonnie Burton & Paul Frank
Address: 7140 Old Hwy 51 N Cobden, IL, 62920
Email Address:
Phone: 618-713-1975
About Us
The Center For Lost Arts is a joint venture between Paul & Bonnie who met via adjacent properties. Paul comes from a background of architecture, furniture-making & home building. Bonnie's background is in mindfulness, meditation, and inter-spirituality. Ecological, sustainable & holistic practices are threaded throughout their work & play. The center has evolved over the past two years to include: a zen-style retreat cottage, a homestead retreat house, walking trails, pond, yoga classes and a large garden. Our tiny homes project has begun. Progress for the first tiny home can be viewed online at other in person at our place. Our goal is to provide nourishment for mind, body and soul as well as helping people to "Think large. Live tiny "
We do not use herbicides or pesticides in our gardens. We follow organic and sustainable growing practices, as does everyone in our food hub.