Little Mill Creek Farm
Contact: Russell Clendenin
Address: 12370 Ebenezer Road Rockwood, IL, 62280
Email Address:
Phone: 618-713-5422
About Us
For over twenty years our main focus at Little Mill Creek Farms has been to protect and nurture the native flora and fauna found within our boundaries. With the help of The Illinois Nature Preserves, The Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the nations best biologists we are returning very sensitive and important ecological areas to high quality habitat. Taking care of the plants and animals has and will always be of upmost importance at Little Mill Creek Farms, however now we also want to turn our attention to producing high quality sustainable food. Historically food played an prominent role as part of the Underground Railroad here at the farm. Legend has it that buckets of life sustaining nourishment were lowered down the one hundred foot bluff to sustain those escaping to freedom and now food will once again be at the forefront at Little Mill Creek Farms.