Janie's Mill
Address: 405 N 2nd Street Ashkum, IL, 60911
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Phone: 815-953-1073
About Us
We are the Wilken Family, 5th-generation farmers using certified organic and regenerative practices on our Illinois farm.

On Janie’s Farm, we grow many different crops in a biodiverse rotation.

At Janie’s Mill, we transform those crops into dozens of delicious and nutrient-dense products that are good for you, and good for the planet.
Stone milling is an art and a science. Key to our high-quality products is the skill of our miller, and the modern science behind the ancient, time-tested technology of stone-milling.
Our two stone mills were custom-made especially for us by Engsko, a Danish company that has been in the milling business for over a century. Our modern mill (below) looks different from the centuries-old Italian mill (above, the Mulino Cocconi in Gemona del Friuli), but both work by feeding whole grain kernels between stationary and rotating mill stones. We carefully monitor the temperature of the stones to ensure that they stay cool and preserve all the nutrition of the whole kernel--including the bran and germ, with all of their essential proteins, oils, vitamins, and minerals. Even our sifted flours contain 70-90% of the whole kernel, so you get more flavor, and more nutrition.