Terms of Service

Each order you place is a legally enforceable contract. If you fail to pickup your order, you are still obligated to pay for the items you order or the items will be donated.


 LEAF will deliver my box /frozen items to the location that I selected or to my home, if home delivery has been requested.  If I am not available on a delivery day, I will have someone else pick up my box, as the produce will need refrigeration or placed in the freezer the day of delivery. The pick-up locations in Carterville, Cobden, Herrin, and Marion  are not responsible/liable for your box or its contents, as they are a separate entity from LEAF.


 LEAF reserves the right to substitute the member’s selection to a different farm as we have universal standards for all produce at each of our farms.  LEAF accepts various forms of payment: cash, check, use of PayPal and credit cards.  Convenience fees for digital payments are assessed at time of purchase. PayPal is 2.95% + $.30/ transaction and credit cards are 4.25%/transaction.


 LEAF members will receive a newsletter from LEAF at 11:45am with information on that weeks offerings. It is the responsibility of each member to log-on during market hours (Fridays at noon) and select their items before the close of the market (Tuesday 8 PM).  LEAF will deliver the box on Thursday afternoon, time varies based on pick-up location (at approx. 4 – 5 PM).


 I understand that I am making a commitment to LEAF Food Hub and recognize that there is no guarantee on availability of specialty items or amounts available.  The LEAF harvest has been grown using sustainable practices including crop diversity, organic soil improvements, and crop rotation. Our goal is to provide the highest quality produce, and we require our producers to deliver market-grade products. The customer understands that since our farmers do not use pesticides or herbicides, fruits and vegetables may not look "perfect". I will share the rewards and the risks of the growing season along with the other members and the growers.  It is my responsibility to receive my box at the appointed time and drop location. All members will be charged a $5.00 toward the purchase of wax boxes to transport purchases. (not in effect due to Covid-19).  If my account is dormant for over 2 years, LEAF has the right to retain any remaining funds and to close the account.