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Baetje Farms
Contact: Shanna Starnes
Address: 8932 Jackson School Road Bloomsdale , MO, 63627
About Us
Baetje Farms is nestled between Southeast Missouri’s rolling hills and a natural spring fed creek in the Forche du Clos Valley. Our cheese making facility is built to produce small quantities of cheese coupled with state-of-the-art aging facilities that produce exact temperature and humidity conditions. We use very fresh rennet and cultures that are imported from France and Denmark.
Baetje Farms began as a farmstead operation and now we work with other farmers who also hold themselves to the same high-quality standards. Together our goats receive unlimited supply of filtered spring water from spring fed creeks. They receive, organic mineral supplements, locally grown alfalfa and are fed a natural antibiotic free grain. The goats are free to enjoy the pastures, are not fed hormones to increase milk production and breed naturally. Happy and healthy goats produce great milk, which helps our cheesemakers make great cheese!