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All Seasons Farm
Contact: Jill Rendleman
Address: 9535 US Highway 51 N Cobden, IL, 62920
Phone: 618-308-0217
About Us
All Seasons Farm grows Certified Naturally Grown vegetables and fruit for exceptional taste and quality. Select heirloom varieties, no genetically modified plants, all organic inputs and spring fed irrigation help us to grow food that is sweetened by nature and nutritionally dense. We grow year round on protected small raised bed plots, using low or no carbon tools, intensively growing large amounts of nutritionally dense in season produce. We encourage you to visit our farm, just 8 miles south of Carbondale on new US 51, to experience the difference in local Certified Naturally Grown versus industrial farming practices.

Certified Naturally Grown standards are used on our farm. Our farm and our growing practices are inspected annually by an independent certification agency to provide our customers with an independent guarantee that our products are grown using naturally grown standards.