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Backporch CSA Farmstead
Contact: Adriane Koontz
Address: 1116 Country Club Rd Carbondale, IL, 62903
Phone: 724-986-1115
About Us
Our farmstead is an ever-growing space specializing in flavorful and aesthetically pleasing diverse vegetable varieties meant to hold a balance between functionality and chaos. From my ancestral and only one generation removed agricultural roots and 15 years of small-scale organic farming experience, I employ a mixture of intuitive and scientific based methods that help the soil and myself adapt to each challenge throughout the growing season. My sidekick and chaos specialist, Russell, and my farmer extraordinaire and professional pickler, Kris, make beautiful harmonies to my melody with the gardens.
Low/No-Till, No Sprays or OMRI approved if in dire circumstances, Cover Crops, Soil Tests with organic amendments