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Glaciers End
Contact: Derek & Libby Ervin
Address: 18538 Pittsburg Rd Johnston City, IL, 62951
Phone: 773-531-7005
About Us
Glaciers End, a small farm located in Johnston City in Williamson County, was started by Derek and Libby Ervin, who relocated to beautiful Southern Illinois from Chicago after inheriting the family farm. Glaciers End is an agribusiness focused on cultivating rare and unique varieties of fruit and vegetables. We are also focused on creating delicious value-added products for your kitchen and cellar. We currently produce fruit butters, jams, jellies, preserves and syrups from our orchard and gardens.
Although we are not certified organic, we do not use any sprays that are not OMRI certified. We use sustainable practices, utilize native fauna and attempt to incorporate vegetables and fruits that thrive with our region with as little assistance as possible.