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Flyway Family Farm
Contact: Michael & Jessica Hatfield
Address: 2060 Camp Cedar Point Lane Makanda, IL, 62958
Phone: 618-319-3168
About Us
The Hatfield family (Michael, Jessica, Iris, & Oliver) of Flyway Family Farm have been specializing in naturally grown, gourmet mushrooms for nearly a decade. Nestled in the heart of Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge the Hatfield's grow up to 10 varieties of mushrooms year round in a climate controlled, indoor facility.
By growing indoors we are able to very closely monitor the growing conditions to provide pristine, clean mushrooms. We utilize hardwood sawdust based growing medium that is steam sterilized prior to inoculation in a biological clean room. During growth, incoming air is filtered to ensure a clean growing environment and to exclude insects without the use of chemical sprays.