Five Hen Farm
Contact: Sarah Newman and Andrew Banks
Address: 1030 Gurley Loop Buncombe, IL, 62912
Email Address:
Phone: 618-303-1034
About Us
Five Hen Farm is a family-farm owned and operated by farmer Andrew Banks and Sarah Newman, and new son, Otto. Five Hen Farm produces high-quality pasture raised pork, poultry, and eggs. Their animals are sustainably raised on rotated pasture and in open sunshine to produce happy, healthy animals. Andrew and Sarah value providing wholesome and nutritious food to their family, friends, and neighbors while eating simply and seasonally.
Pasture raised, all animals are rotated on pasture. Broiler chickens (meat) are moved daily to fresh pasture in chicken tractors. Laying hens (eggs) are rotated every 2-3 days inside electrified poultry netting, and are housed within a Salatin-inspired Eggmobile. The heritage breed pigs are rotated every 3 weeks within electrified pig netting, moving between the woods and pasture as the season progresses.