Jen's Joe
Contact: Jen LeDuc
Address: 212 S University Carbondale, IL, 62901
About Us
My business reflects my personal ethics and values. It is a safe place where discussions on equality, justice and fairness are welcome, even encouraged. Being sustainable means producing and serving coffee in a way with the least harm to the earth and all her creatures living. To do as much as I can, by purchasing from importers who offer coffees from Co-ops to women owned farms to paying a higher premium on coffees that give monies back to the farm to provide access to improve the health and well being of those who work on the farm, as well as help them with funds to improve or make possible methods of growing to be kinder to the earth.
Roasting ethically sourced coffee, using as much earth friendly supplies for packaging as possible. Purchasing supplies and materials made from recycled materials and /or materials which break down in the earth after use faster and cleaner. In other words, I do my best to use my personal ethics and values from beginning to end.